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This web page will be for the American Sign Language Program located in Parkway School District, based in St. Louis, MO. The first purpose is to have a collective place for the program curriculum to be held to make sure that all levels and classes are aligned. The second will be for students and parents to access when they questions about what is going on within the class


The target audience for this web page will be coworkers, parents, and students that are involved or interested in the American Sign Language Program in Parkway School District. These are people who are interested in taking an ASL class and learning more about the language and Deaf Culture. The age range will be from 12 to grandparents, as some parents do not fit into the traditional square of what used to be the traditional family.


Other teachers who are within the elective wheel have classroom websites also. To learn more about what will be successful for my classroom website, I asked them the following:


What do you use your page for? Who do you find uses the classroom page the most? What content do you feel is the most helpful on your web page?

Design Choices


This page needs to be as professional as possible since it will be available to students guardians as well as administration. After seeing a couple pages I feel to keep a professional looking page, for right now, it it best to stick with the basic black, white, and blue. Another color scheme option would be our district colors, red, white, and blue.


Again, following the theme of professionalism, I would like to keep the design as simple as possible. When researching other pages one thing I did like was using a table to organize thoughts. This could become cluttered easily so I will need to be careful with that.


To keep the page professional the style will be simplistic and easy to navigate from one page to the next.


After completing my questionnaire I feel that the majority of who will be using the page will be my students, followed by parents, and then admin/coworkers. This means that the majority of those using the page will share the following qualities:


Case #1: 6th Grader curious in taking ASL next year

Ky is a 6th grader who is currently in their 9 week rotation of World Languages. This means that Ky will be reviewing each language the Parkway offers every week. ASL takes place on week 4 in the classroom. After the class has finished looking at all the language options for Ky to take, they decided to go look at Miss. Runge's website to learn more about her and the classroom. They discover the Miss. Runge's classroom is inviting by being able to see pictures of the classroom and student testimonies. This makes them feel more at ease since they prefer to use they/them pronouns. They then look at some of the videos along with what the class is currently working on. We will be able to make this students experience more accessible by creating a future students tab.

Case #2: Ky's Adopted Mom

Ky, excited about signing up for ASL next year, takes the class schedule to their mom, Teri. Teri adopted Ky when they were 7 years old. This has led to some relationship stress as Ky grows up. Because of this mom wants to make sure that Ky has everything they need, including all the appropriate pre-reqs for college. When Ky informs Teri that ASL in on his class schedule for next year, her response is absolutely not! Ky is heartbroken so Teri decides to go onto the page site for Miss. Runge's classroom in search of more information. We will be able to make the guardians experience more efficient by creating a Parents tab and including information such as college acceptance programs, scholarships, and job opportunities that require ASL.

Case #3: Ky's Couselor

Ky and his coupler, Mrs. White, have become close this year while she has been helping them find their place within the school. When Teri, Ky's mom, has questions about Ky's schedule, she creates and appointment with Mrs. White. During the appointment ASL class is mentioned and Mrs. White pulls up the website to see if she can find a way to assure Teri that Ky's choice of taking ASL is the right one. She pulls up the curriculum and weekly outline of the class and reviews those specifics with Teri. We will be able to help Mrs. White's process by creating a tab for the yearly curriculum and weekly agenda. This allows coworkers and guardians to see that in ASL they will also be learning life and team building skills during Mindset Monday's. By having the current assignments on the front page it will also allow for visitors to see what is being learned inside the classroom is being applied outside of the classroom as well.

Presentation Information

Content Synopsis

After taking into consideration the questionnaire and cases I have decided to include the following content areas:

I then will be able to use this site to attach with my classroom website that can be found by all parents and staff at the Parkway School District Site

Test Outline and Website Organization

Rationale for Organization

Currently, I feel that this organization will be the best based on my coworkers classroom webpages. I know that mine will need to be different due to ASL being a visual language and videos begin a big part of how we utilize ASL in the online environment. I feel that I will need to make these changes as situations present themselves while creating my final page.


Pictures: There will be pictures of myself, my family, my friends, and the ASL classroom. With ASL being a visual language I try to include visuals as much as possible and the "About Me" and the "Future ASL Students" tab are perfect to build on that. I will be the source of all these photos.

Videos: ASL is a visual language, that means that students will need to see the language. This will require videos, that will be made by me, utilizing ASL for lesson purposes.

Color Scheme and Rationale

This page needs to be as professional as possible since it will be available to students guardians as well as administration. After seeing a couple pages I feel to keep a professional looking page, for right now, it best to stick with the basic black, white, and blue. Another color scheme option would be our district colors, red, white, and blue.

5 Example Web Pages


Parkway School District Site

The first site I used for a reference was our districts. This is a good foundation of what the district expects. It also gave me great incite to color scheme, layout, and media. They use them the same way I want to. Simple colors, easy navigation, and lots of photos and videos. Will my site be as sophisticated? No, it is too complex for a classroom but I would like to aim for the same amount of professionalism.


ASL Pro Lessons Site

While this is a good reference site for ASL Vocab, the organization of lessons and materials is not ideal. There is no specific order (Alphabetical or by Unit) that the lessons are listed and the navigation is not the easiest to manipulate. While the content is good, it is a good example of how I do not want to organize my site. This site would not help any of the above cases.


ASL University Lessons Site

This is the site that I want to use as an example of what I want my site to look like. It is professional, clean looking, organized by unit, and easy to navigate. Charts are used to organize links and unit lesson information, this makes finding and reading content easy on the eyes and on the brain. This site would be beneficial to all the above cases if it was organized specifically for those needs, which mine will be.


My Google Classroom Layout

While GoogleClasseoom is set up to help educators, I feel that the layout is usWhile Google Classroom is set up to help educators, I feel that the layout is user friendly and is easy for my students to navigate due to having clear links. I want to be able to provide my users with the same. This site would e successful for all 3 cases above.


Signing Savvy Language Resource

This site is easy to navigate and has great content for its users. The color scheme and organization are possibilities that I would like to consider. It would not help any of the 3 cases above becuase it is not for those viewers.

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